Blackboard Drive

Transform the way you work with your file based content in the Blackboard with the new desktop software, Blackboard Drive.

Blackboard Drive provides choice and simplicity in how you create, access, manage and edit the files you store in the Content Collection of Blackboard Learn. No matter how you choose to work with your course, personal or departmental files, Blackboard Drive saves you time and makes your life easier.

Quick Intro

In this video, see how the enhanced Blackboard Drive tool allows you to edit, version, and share content right from your desktop using familiar tools like Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder, and Microsoft Office. Any changes you make from your desktop automatically update in Blackboard Learn.

How does Blackboard Drive save you time?

Two file management workflows are streamlined by installing and using Blackboard drive.

1. You can edit files in Blackboard without leaving your familiar desktop tools!

With Blackboard Drive installed on your computer, you don’t have to go to the Blackboard web interface to edit and manage files you store in the Content Collection. Blackboard Drive brings all your files and folders to the desktop by mapping a lettered network drive on Windows or a shared volume on Mac. This means you can work directly from your desktop or with desktop tools like Windows Explorer, Mac OSX Finder and Microsoft Office and the changes are automatically reflected in Blackboard.

2. You can edit files faster from within Blackboard Learn!

Additionally, with Blackboard Drive, editing files from the Blackboard Content Collection in the web interface becomes just a three-step process – open, edit, save. You will no longer waste time saving edited files on your computer, locating them, and uploading them back to the Blackboard server. This cuts the editing process in half!