Tabbed Blackboard Areas

Tabbed Blackboard Areas:

  • Blackboard@SU:  Faculty and students can access all classes they are teaching or are enrolled in and can check grades, calendar, and personal information. From this tab, the user can click the underlined course title to enter the course.
  • Courses:  This tab provides a complete and detailed listing of all courses faculty or students are enrolled in. Users can click course titles to enter the course.
  • Organizations:  Blackboard Organizations are online environments for formal and informal organizations and clubs at the university. Blackboard Organizations are only viewable to enrollees of a particular organization.
  • Support Pages:  The support pages tab is a repository of help for all faculty and students up to and including what is listed on the iSchool Blackboard Support website.
  • Blackboard Known Issues: This tab lists information an any known issues in Blackboard that have been identified by users. If you are having technical problems in Blackboard, check this list to see if there is a way to resolve your problem. This list will change whenever a new known issue comes up.