Making a Course Available

The Course Availability setting allows Instructors to make a course available or unavailable to students. Unavailable courses are not accessible to students, but are visible and accessible to instructors, teaching assistants, course builders and graders. Faculty might decide to keep a course unavailable while it is being developed or when updating a course in between terms.


  1. From the Control Panel within your course, click Customization > Properties.
  2. Under the Make Course Available section, select Yes.

  3. Click Submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use this feature?
If you would like students to access your course shell on Blackboard, yes. All courses are created with a default setting of unavailable, and once you are ready for students to access your course, you must follow the above procedure to make it available.

I’m an on-campus instructor, but I’m not planning to use Blackboard for my upcoming course. Do I still need to do this?
You do not need to make a course available unless you plan on using the Blackboard system for that particular course.

Why else might I want to make a course unavailable?
If you are teaching multiple sections and have asked to have the courses “combined” into a single course shell, you may wish to make the original course shells unavailable to eliminate any possible confusion for students regarding which course shell to use.