Faculty FAQ

  • Policies
  • Where can I go to find information on academic deadlines and policies?

    The academic calendar shows registration, academic, holiday and financial deadlines for undergraduate and graduate students.

    Student-Athlete Absence

    Click on the link below to find more information on the recommended class-absence process instructors can implement for student-athletes that are required to travel.

    Student-Athlete Absence

  • Where can I go to find more information on FERPA?

    FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that grants certain rights to undergraduate and graduate students.

    Click on the link below to find more information on the rights for students of which instructors must be aware:


  • Where can I go to find more information on the Personnel Policies?

    Click on the link below to find various policies and documents for iSchool personnel:

    iSchool Personnel Policies

  • Where can I go to find more information on religious traditions?

    According to Syracuse University Hendricks Chapel’s Religious Observances Policy:

    Syracuse University recognizes the diverse faith traditions represented among its campus community and supports the rights of faculty, staff, and students to observe according to these traditions.

    All University offices are asked to be sensitive to the needs of faculty, staff, and students who are observing a religious holiday when scheduling meetings and events.

    Deans, department chairs and program directors are asked to make every effort to avoid scheduling meetings or events at times that would exclude faculty who are observing a religious holiday from participation.

    Supervisors are asked to be supportive of staff members who request vacation or personal time to observe a religious holiday and to make every effort to avoid scheduling meetings or events at times that would exclude such staff members from participation.

    Faculty are asked to make appropriate accommodation for students’ observance needs by providing an opportunity to make up any examination, study, or work requirement that is missed because of an absence due to a religious observance, provided the instructor has been notified no later than the end of the second week of classes. No fees will be charged to the student for the costs incurred by the University for such make-up work. If a faculty member is unwilling or unable to make an appropriate accommodation, the student should consult his or her academic dean. View a detailed student policy. Students must fill out a form on MySlice to notify professors about religious observances. Faculty can access MySlice to see if students have completed this form for their classes.

    Syracuse University recognizes that the faith traditions observed by our diverse community include more holidays than can be captured adequately in a list. In addition, some observances vary by tradition and by country and are defined by the lunar calendar. However, to assist in identifying religious observance days, Hendricks Chapel has compiled a list of religious holidays that reflect a large proportion of the University community and that may or may not fall on University work and class days.

  • How Are Academic Integrity Cases Reported, Reviewed & Decided

    Click on the link below for the latest information on how academic integrity cases are reported, reviewed and decided (effective 1/1/2017):

    Academic Integrity Cases Reported, Reviewed & Decided

  • Support
  • Who are the faculty and/or staff at the iSchool that I can contact if I have specific needs?

    Click on the link below for a list of the faculty and staff available to help you should you have any questions or concerns regarding your teaching needs:

    iSchool Contacts

  • Where can I go to get help with such things as photocopying, faxing, signage, etc.?

    Faculty Support (fSupport) is housed in the Dean’s suite and is led by Mariann Major and Sue Nemier.  The team consists of iSchool staff and a number of well-trained student workers who assist with a myriad of tasks. Support services include, but are not limited to: photocopying, faxing, PDF conversions, scanning, on-campus errands, project support, catering, mailings, workshop or meeting support, and providing signage for cancelled or late classes.  We are here to make your job easier, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

    For a more detailed description of services we provide, click here.

    Email the fSupport team at fsupport@syr.edu or call x2911. Visit the fSupport team to learn more about the services our staff/students provide to our faculty, located in 343.

  • Where can I go to get help with my computer, network, printer, etc.?

    For assistance with computers, training, connectivity, printers, digital resources, servers, storage or admin rights at the iSchool, submit a help ticket to IT Services. Answers for a number of resource and technology questions may be found using Answers.syr.edu, the iSchool’s IT Services page and SU IT Services, Security and Policy pages.

    The iSchool IT Services department has regular office hours, but the University Information Technology Services department can also be reached at help@syr.edu or 443-2677. Please contact University ITS for MySlice and Air Orange X connection issues.


    Both black/white and color printers are in the new printer room 014.  Black & white scanners are found on the big copiers in Hinds Hall 114, 245 and 343.  Printers are added by IT Services to systems provided by the iSchool. For assistance, submit a help ticket to IT Services or call 443-4490.

    To add an iSchool Printer to Personal Devices (note you will need admin rights to laptop to complete these steps):
    MacHow to Print to an iSchool Printer from a Mac
    PC: iSchool_Printing

    For fastest service, contact IT Services Support by submitting a help ticket.

    If you do not have access to the Internet, contact the IT Services team in-person in 002M, or call 443-4490.

  • Where can I find more information on getting a Client Support Consultant for my course?

    Formerly the Undergraduate TA (Teaching Assistant) Program.

    IST 300 Undergraduate Client Support Consultant Program

    If you are thinking about having undergraduate support for a class this coming semester, now is the time to get your plans all settled. Here is an easy 5 step process to finding you a Client Support Consultant (CSC) and getting them all set and registered officially for the coming semester:

    1. ANY instructor can utilize one of our undergraduate students for a CSC position – full time faculty or adjunct. If it will enhance your class and the student’s classroom experience, we’re all for it. Therefore, think about what you’d like a CSC to do for you and how they would help enhance your class instruction. You can use the PDF’s attached at the bottom of the page for ideas, and talk to other professors about how they leverage their CSC’s (we are happy to recommend some regular CSC-users to you).
    2. Ask a student, likely a former student in one of your sections who you know you can trust to be responsible, and who has demonstrated proficiency in the work. We like the student to have received a B+ or better in the class the first time around. If you need a recommendation of someone, just let the advising office know and we can pull rosters from former class sections.
    3. Once you have a student who agrees to be a CSC for your class, sit down and look at the structure of your class. Build out the expectations (very specifically) that you have for your CSC and amend the PDF’s below to match your goals.
    4. Sit down with your new CSC and run through your expectations and their syllabus in detail. Let them ask questions and be very sure that you’re both on the same page with how the semester will run. Both of you should sign the paperwork here in the necessary spaces.
    5. Send your student to Tess Schaufler with all the paperwork. We’ll keep a copy in the advising office and send you both back a copy. The only way your student receives their credit for the work they are doing is if they bring in the paperwork so we can enroll them in the “IT Client Support Practicum” course and notify the registrar. We’d like this paperwork settled TWO WEEKS BEFORE the start of classes. Paperwork should include the IST 300 contract/form, the IST 300 syllabus with your specific amended expectations, and a copy of the course syllabus.

    We are happy to enhance your teaching experience by providing you the ability to have a CSC for your class. Hosting a CSC is often really rewarding and the student finds the experience extremely beneficial as they get to connect further with a professor, have a deeper understanding of material and develop the people skills that come with serving others.

    There are many benefits of having a Client Support Consultant:

    • You can develop deeper connections with our students
    • You get a fresh set of eyes (from the student perspective) on your teaching material and receive feedback before you present to class
    • A CSC can test the weekly labs before the class completes them to fix any bugs or alert you of any confusion
    • The student CSC learns the material in a whole new way, helping them gain a deeper understanding often leads to them pursuing more coursework in that subject area
    • Someone can help you answer questions when all those hands go up in the labs
    • Student CSC’s can assist with light grading and organization projects

    Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Form

    IST 300 IT Client Support Practicum Syllabus

  • What is a Faculty Assistant and do I need one?

    The purpose of the faculty assistant (FA) program is twofold: 1) it helps recruit top students by providing a mechanism for the student to get paid for helping full-time faculty members with their work; and 2) it helps faculty members achieve their professional goals.  Each faculty member can hire one 10 hour per week FA per semester (fall and spring only).  Faculty may present proposals for additional FA.

    Click on the link below to find out more information about Faculty Assistants:

    Faculty Assistants

  • General Questions
  • How do I go about planning an event?

    If you plan an event, whether it is a small meeting, a classroom outing, a conference or any other event, your fSupport team is here to help. Our students will make signage, arrange room set-up, create name tags and sign-in sheets, provide supplies, deliver beverage service for breaks and assist in other ways during the preparation for the event, as well as during the event.

    Our staff will assist in the planning for the event, and will handle the logistics, as well, such as booking space for the event, handling catering, ordering supplies, arranging for hotel rooms, parking and travel for guests, etc.

    Stop by our offices at 343 Hinds Hall and speak to Mariann Major or her staff about your needs, or email the fSupport team at fsupport@syr.edu.

  • How do I find out more information on the facilities available at the iSchool?

    Hinds Hall is the iSchool’s home on the quad. Renovated in 2003, iSchool leadership with J.D. Taylor Construction of Syracuse and Ashley McGraw Architects transformed the 53-year-old building into a sleek, modern space that supports an open exchange of ideas and information. Facilities include computer labs, classrooms, the IceBox, iCafe, collaboratories, research centers and labs. Click the link below to get more detailed information on the facilities available to you.

    iSchool Facilities Information

  • Where can I find a campus map?

    The Syracuse University campus map shows buildings and roads on main campus, south campus and the warehouse/downtown. Click on the link below for a copy of the campus map:

    Syracuse University Campus Map

  • What is MySlice?

    MySlice is a secure site for you to view faculty services, employee services and employee resources. Faculty services include your course enrollments, class rosters (this includes the student name, photograph, email address, level, program and plan), and where you enter your grades. Employee services include payroll information, where you can view your paycheck, and you can access and edit your personal information.  Employee resources include holiday schedules, forms and procedures.

  • Where can I find more information on parking?

    Parking Services provides information about transit schedules, permits and parking at the campus.

  • Where can I find more information on the registrar's office?

    The Registrar provides instructors with information about grading, course catalogs and updated academic calendars.

  • How do I order business cards?

    Sue Nemier orders business cards.  The information required is office number and telephone number, so business cards cannot be ordered until that information is known. To contact Sue with any specific questions regarding business cards you can email her at: sanemier@syr.edu or call her at 443-2911.

  • Is there a styleguide that I should be using when I create materials for the iSchool?

    Yes! The iSchool follows the same styleguide as Syracuse University does. You can find information on what colors to use, what types of images you should use, templates and various other information by clicking on the style guide link below:

    iSchool Styleguide

    If you have any specific questions about public facing materials, you can contact Michael Clarke, Director of Online Strategy at mmclarke@syr.edu or call 443-4930.