Office Areas

Office Space

The iSchool is based on a building standard; there are minimal arrangements that may be accommodated. No changes in actual furniture items may be made unless there is a specific medical requirement. Any wall hangings (pictures, etc.)need to meet a standard, typically framed and be hung by Physical Plant personnel. Additional questions or requests may be directed to Roger Merrill at or call x1674.

iDesk (GA/Student Space)

iDesk is shared space that has a number of assignable student desks and a central pod of shared computers and a single networked printer all supported by IT Services. Special or one-off software, AtlasTI for example, that is purchased by your project or sponsor will be installed based on the number of licenses acquired with the system(s) being clearly identified. Peripheral desks will be assigned based on particular criteria:

  • Sponsored projects get highest priority
  • Research/practice projects leading toward sponsorship get next highest priority
  • Program assistants supporting our program directors, enrollment management and student services personnel get medium priority
  • Unfunded research/practice projects involving “Scholarship in Action” are next in line
  • General unfunded activities will be supported once the other categories are satisfied
  • These spaces are generally not available for students in the Faculty Assistants program

iSpace (Faculty Hoteling)

iSpace is a shared office facility in which a desk, computer & phone can be reserved in advance for faculty members who do not have individual offices. iSpace provides state-of-the-art, adjustable work stations, noise-canceling headphones, portable storage, and satellite private meeting spaces.

Adjunct Office Space

To reserve adjunct faculty office space, email Jeff Fouts at or Peggy Takach at


To obtain office keys, email Myles Wentworth Chalue at or call x4490.

Office Phones

Office Phones

To set up an office phone, submit a help ticket to IT Services or call x4490.