Faculty Assistants (FA)

Do you need to hire a Faculty Assistant?

Updated 8/23/2018

All full-time faculty, and adjunct faculty with multi-year contracts (Senior Adjuncts), are automatically entitled to one FA.  We now have an internal online system for you to post approved and open iSchool Faculty Assistant positions, view applicants and make your selection of students. Click this link to reach the system: https://fa.ischool.syr.edu (you will be required to login with your NetID and password).  Full instructions, updated policies and procedures for you to use the system are in this document: FA Applications-Faculty instructions.pdf

Specific instructions on using the system are on page 3.

Students are notified separately each semester to enter their profiles on the system and apply for the positions you have posted on the system.

If you have already made a selection of your FA for this Fall, please take note of the following priority information for Fall 2018: Whether or not you post an FA position on the system, and even if you have already selected your FA student, you will need to provide more extensive information to Maureen O’Connor-Kicak in order to hire your student this year. See page 2 of the above document for details on the information needed. Maureen has the right to send back any request to hire an FA if you do not provide the required information fields because the request to hire will not be processed by HR without the required data.  In addition, the processing for hire will take some longer time than before to get the student on payroll.