FCTL Fact Sheet

Confused by iSchool terminology or meetings? You’ll receive email invitations and reminders when iSchool meetings and events are happening, but our fact sheet below will introduce you to what they are and how often they happen so you can plan accordingly.

Not sure where to go or who to contact for information? Check out our FAQ page to see if we can help.

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Faculty Meetings
Once a month, the entire iSchool faculty body is invited to attend a monthly faculty meeting. Topics discussed include developments, trends and conversations about curriculum, scheduling and anything that may affect the faculty.
Lunch and Learn
An opportunity for faculty and staff to meet and eat lunch while sharing ideas on a specific pedagogical or instructional technology topic.
FCTL Workshops
Typically 1­ 1 1⁄2 hour workshops held by the faculty center in support of faculty and staff. To find and register for upcoming workshops, see Upcoming Sessions. Past workshops have included: classroom management; Web 2.0 instructional technology tools.
FCTL Sessions (Group and One on One)
Similar to workshops, these smaller, more intimate group gatherings for faculty and staff are opportunities to share experiences and ideas on a specific topic of interest or a theme. Attendance is often by personal invitation from the Faculty Center.
Answers” is a knowledge base of technical self-­help information contributed by various people on campus, including iSchool and SU IT services and staff. Content focuses on SU systems, Blackboard, Adobe Connect, technical services and includes solutions to common problems, how-­to’s, FAQs, tips, and configuration advice.
The fSupport team, led by Mariann Major, consists of well-trained student workers who can assist you with a myriad of support tasks. These include, but are not limited to: photocopying, faxing, PDF conversions, scanning, on-campus errands, project support, mailings, workshop or meeting support, conference-room scheduling, providing signage for cancelled or late classes, textbook ordering, mailboxes and more. They are here to make your job easier, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Email the fSupport team at fsupport@syr.edu or call x2911. Visit Mariann Major and the fSupport team to learn more about the services our staff/students provide to our faculty, located in 343.

For a more detailed description of services we provide, click here.