Kudos to the following iSchool faculty and staff for their hard work leading proposal writing efforts toward successful submissions and awards. These are the awards and submissions in FY2017

Congratulations to all these faculty for their hard work in preparing proposals, and their success in securing awards!


Congratulations to these proposal writers for your hard work!

  • Daniel Acuña – to NSF’s CRII program, two to NSF’s SciSIP program (both EAGERs), to Google’s Faculty Research program, to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and to the Arnold Foundation
  • Marilyn Arnone and Ruth Small – to IMLS’s NLG program
  • Carlos Caicedo – to UniSys
  • Rachel Clarke – to IMLS’s LB program and its invitation to submit a full proposal
  • Kevin Crowston – to the Digging into Data program (NEH, IMLS, NSF), and to NSF for a travel grant
  • Jason Dedrick, with Tarek Rakha and Bess Krietemeyer – to NSF’s Smart and Connected Communities program.
  • Michael D’Eredita – to the Economic Development Administration
  • Ingrid Erickson – to NSF’s SoO program
  • Yun Huang – to 2U’s Research program and to NSF’s IIS Core program
  • Yun Huang and Jian Qin – to IMLS’s NLG program
  • Nancy McCracken, Bei Yu, and Jian Qin – to IMLS’s NLG program
  • Megan Oakleaf – to NSF’s NLG program and its invitation to submit a full proposal
  • Jian Qin, Rachel Clarke, and Yun Huang – to IMLS’s LB program
  • Jeff Saltz – to 2U’s Research program
  • Steve Sawyer – to NSF in response to its DCL call for EAGER proposals
  • Steve Sawyer and Ingrid Erickson – to NSF’s IIS Core programs
  • Bryan Semaan – to NSF’s CRII program, and to NSF’s IIS Core programs (medium/collaborative)
  • Ruth Small and Marilyn Arnone – to NEH’s Public Good program
  • Murali Venkatesh – as subcontract PI with ASU to NSF’s Smart and Connected Communities program.
  • Yang Wang – to NSF’s CAREER program, to a funded program through ECS,  to NSF’s SaTC program, and to IMLS’s LB program
  • Lu Xiao – to the Digging into Data program (NEH, IMLS, NSF), and to NSF’s IIS Core programs
  • Bei Yu – to IMLS’s NLG program and its LB program, as well as to the Arnold Foundation


Congratulations to all those who have secured funding!

Daniel Acuña, for Improving Grant Reviewing and Scientific Innovation by Linking Funding
and Scholarly Literature, $148,585 to date, from the National Science Foundaton’s SciSIP program.

Carlos Caicedo, for Stealth Project, $19,070 from UniSys.

Kevin Crowston for:
     Supporting Stigmergic Coordination, $138,140 to date from the National Science Foundation’s  CHS program; and
     Travel Support for the Open Source Systems 2016 Doctoral Consortium, $13,272 from the National Science Foundation’s IIS division.
     The iConference 2017 Doctoral Consortium, $27,840 from the National Science Foundation.

Jason Dedrick, Pete Wilcoxen, and Steve Chapin for Cybersecurity Risks of Dynamic, Two-Way Distributed Electricity Markets, $344,183 from the National Science Foundation’s SaTC program.

Jason Dedrick  with Elizabeth Krietmeyer and Tarek Rakha for:
      VIS-SIM: A Framework for Designing Neighborhood Energy Efficiency through Data Visualization and Calibrated Urban Building Energy Simulation, from SU’s Center of Excellence; and
      Climate-specific Assessment of LEED for Neighborhood Development (ND): Energy, Comfort, Walkability and Design Analysis of the Mueller Neighborhood of Austin, TX, from the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership and US Green Building Council.

Deb Nosky, for Founding Member Veterans Institute for Military Families: VCTP Design, Delivery and Administration$56,331 through IVMF from an Industry Funder.

Joon Park, for IASP support of DPS student Tina AlSadhan.

Jian Qin and Jeff Hemsley, for Cyberinfrastructure-Enabled Collaboration Networks: Their Impact and Policy Implications, $381,481, from the National Science Foundation’s SciSIP program.

Jeff Saltz, for Improving the Structure of Online Breakout Activities using Pair Programming Techniques, $13,851 from 2U.

Steve Sawyer for Supporting Doctoral Students and Other Investigators in their Pursuit of the Sciences of Sociotechnical Systems, $25,000 from the National Science Foundation’s CISE directorate.

Bryan Semaan for Transition Resilience: Navigating Invisible Crises with ICTs, $173,205 from the National Science Foundation’s CRII program.

Jenny Stromer-Galley, with Carsten Østerlund, Nancy McCracken, Lu Xiao, Lael Schooler and David Kellen for TRACE: Trackable Reasoning and Analysis for Collaboration and Evaluation, $11,491,439 from IARPA.

Yang Wang, with Tarek Rakha and Senem Velipasalar for Heat Mapping Drones: Building Envelope Energy Performance and Privacy Diagnostics using Unmanned Aerial Systems,  from a Syracuse University internal call.

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