Upload Course Syllabus

Updated August 2018

You are urged to upload at least a draft version of your syllabus to the iSchool My.iSchool dashboard before students register.  This could be a short orientation to the course and information they would need ahead of time, such as required textbooks to acquire. However, a final draft of your syllabus that meets the iSchool template guidelines should be uploaded in the My.iSchool dashboard before classes begin, and it should be posted in the LMS one week before classes begin.

To submit and upload a PDF version of your syllabus to the iSchool course schedule page, complete this by logging into the iSchool homepage and using the My.iSchool Dashboard. The My.iSchool Dashboard is your control room for all internal iSchool Resources. Please see the Answers page for more detailed instructions on how to log in to My.iSchool and upload your course syllabus.