All About Video

All About Video


Digital media is a powerful tool that can enhance your online course. Recent developments and market trends have changed the rules and media formats that need to be considered when creating media for your course. Choosing the correct video and audio format is the first step to ensuring a successful experience for both instructor and student. Podcasts, a form of digital media meant for downloading to a portable media device is included in this discussion.

Video and Audio Formats

Popular media formats for audio and video include .AVI (Audio Video Interleaved – Microsoft), .MOV (Apple – Quicktime), .WMV (Windows Media®), MPEG 3, and MPEG 4. Each requires software that will encode video/audio to that format, and also a player that will decode the video/audio for playback. All these formats are currently being used in online courses with great success. The latest market trends are now suggesting that MPEG 4 for video and audio and MPEG 3 for audio only are “the” standards for digital media.

All About Video Event Handout
All About Video Event Recording
Taken from Penn State Media Commons: Vertical Video Syndrome - PSA. Avoid shooting video while holding your phone or mobile device vertically. Once imported into an editing program it will have black bars down the sides and cannot be fixed through cropping.