Using the Reports in Blackboard Learn to Better Understand Student Interaction

Unleashing Analytics in the Classroom

This session considers the purpose of measuring student engagement. We identified which activities not only engage students but also produce quality analysis, which is critical to designing and adapting both online and face-to-face courses.

Some of the questions that will get answered are:
• When are students logging into my course?
• Which course resources/tools are being used most frequently?
• Which discussions boards generate the most traffic?
• What are the patterns of performance in an online assessment?
• What are some of my opportunities for improvement?

Unleashing Analytics in the Classroom Using Blackboard Handouts
Unleashing Analytics in the Classroom Recording
Director of Instructional Design and Technology Integration, Jeff Fouts, from the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University discusses using the reports in Blackboard to better understand student interaction in a Blackboard course.