Faculty Assistants

Do you need to hire a Faculty Assistant?

The purpose of the faculty assistant (FA) program is twofold: 1) it helps recruit top students by providing a mechanism for the student to get paid for helping full-time faculty members with their work; and 2) it helps faculty members achieve their professional goals.  Each faculty member can hire one 10 hour per week FA per semester (fall and spring only).  Faculty may present proposals for additional FA.

 Timeline (Fall and Spring)
April 1 – May 30 Meet with the dean for goal setting, especially if plans call for additional FA time
June 1 – August 15 Submit FA requests to Susan Nemier (sanemier@syr.edu).  Make sure to include a one-sentence description of each of FA’s intended duties
August 21 – September 21 Come to 343 Hinds Hall to examine the ring binder containing the resumes of all available students seeking FA positions
Hire Date – December 14 Faculty members have supervisory responsibility for their student workers.  Time sheets must reflect actual hours worked and must have an inked signature from you
December 15 Deadline for Spring FA requests.  Email request to Susan Nemier.  No action necessary unless you want to discontinue or change your FA
Additional Notes:
  1. You are encouraged to hire one and only one faculty assistant, to train that person to work with you, and to continue with them in subsequent semesters if their performance is satisfactory.  We will actively discourage students from having an assignment with more than one supervisor.
  2. Fulltime faculty members may obtain additional FA time for purposes that are well aligned with the priorities of the iSchool in research, teaching and service.  To help with this alignment, faculty should meet with the dean (or the dean’s designee) to discuss iSchool priorities and set professional goals.  This discussion/proposal should include a clear rationale for how the additional FA time will enhance the prestige or operations of the iSchool.
  3. All other requests for faculty assistants (including those by staff members, as well as late or off cycle requests) must be approved by the dean on the basis of a written proposal that shows a clear linkage of the FA time to iSchool priorities.
  4. Because we’d like to spread the opportunities to as many students as we can, we strongly encourage that faculty assistants should not work for more than one faculty member.

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