Course Syllabus Template

Updated November 2017

A syllabus is required for all iSchool class sections, and it is required to be in the approved general format with the appropriate required policy statements.  The Faculty Center will assist instructors with the development or adaptation of a syllabus for their class.  A draft version, or final version, of your syllabus must be posted on the iSchool website class schedule by the time students are able to enroll in the course.  A complete and final syllabus must be posted there no later than before the start of the first class session.  Please see the “Upload Course Syllabus” tab for more information and instructions for posting your syllabus.  These instructions will allow you to make your syllabus viewable by either the general public, or restricted by login to viewing by valid SU students, faculty and staff.

A pre-constructed document in the standard University syllabus format has been customized for the specific requirements of the iSchool.  Please use this “Syllabus Template” as a reference tool to help you construct your own class syllabus, or you can simply follow the instructions contained in it to use the document directly.  Please note that for iSchool approval of new courses or significantly changed courses, you must use the exact format of the provided template.  More information about University policies regarding syllabi and curricula can be found at the website for the “Senate Committee on Curricula”.

Click on the Syllabus Template link below to get a copy of the most current senate approved syllabus template.

Syllabus template customized for the iSchool and based on the template provided by Syracuse University – University Senate.

For further information on university policy, it can be viewed at the Senate Committee on Curricula page.