Traditional students you will encounter are 18-24 year olds, usually coming to college straight from high school, or soon after.  They are full-time students, and may have no work or only part-time work.4 

  • 69% of SU undergraduate students fall into this category2 
  • 96% of SU undergraduate students study full-time3 
  • 75% of SU undergraduate students live on campus/affiliated housing1 

Nontraditional student demographics vary, but are often 25 and older, and are returning to school after some period of time. They are often enrolled part-time, and have obligations and commitments outside of school, such as full-time work and families.4 

These students are highly motivated, and oriented toward a post-graduate goal.  They will bring knowledge and perspective with them into the classroom from previous academic and work experiences.5  

When working with non-traditional students, you should keep in mind: 

  • School may not be their primary or only responsibility. 
  • Be flexible with office hours, or open to appointments. 
  • Value and recognize the background knowledge and different points of view these students can bring to classroom discussions.6