Undergraduate TA Program

IST 300 Undergraduate TA Program

If you are thinking about having undergraduate support for a class this coming semester, now is the time to get your plans all settled. Here is an easy 5 step process to finding you an undergraduate TA and getting them all set and registered officially for the coming semester:

  1. ANY instructor can utilize one of our undergraduate TA positions – full time faculty or adjunct. If it will enhance your class and the student’s classroom experience, we’re all for it. Therefore, think about what you’d like an undergraduate TA to do for you and how they would help enhance your class instruction. You can use the PDF’s attached at the bottom of the page for ideas, and talk to other professors about how they leverage their undergraduate TAs (we are happy to recommend some regular undergraduate TA-users to you).
  2. Ask a student, likely a former student in one of your sections who you know you can trust to be responsible, and who has demonstrated proficiency in the work. We like the student to have received a B+ or better in the class the first time around. If you need a recommendation of someone, just let the advising office know and we can pull rosters from former class sections.
  3. Once you have a student who agrees to be an undergraduate TA for your class, sit down and look at the structure of your class. Build out the expectations (very specifically) that you have for your undergraduate TA and amend the PDF’s below to match your goals.
  4. Sit down with your new undergraduate TA and run through your expectations and their syllabus in detail. Let them ask questions and be very sure that you’re both on the same page with how the semester will run. Both of you should sign the paperwork here in the necessary spaces.
  5. Send your student to Tess Schaufler with all the paperwork. We’ll keep a copy in the advising office and send you both back a copy. The only way your student receives their credit for the work they are doing is if they bring in the paperwork so we can enroll them in IST 300: IM&T Support Practicum course and notify the registrar. We’d like this paperwork settled TWO WEEKS BEFORE the start of classes. Paperwork should include the IST 300 contract/form, the IST 300 syllabus with your specific amended expectations, and a copy of the course syllabus.

We are happy to enhance your teaching experience by providing you the ability to have an undergraduate TA for your class. Hosting an undergraduate TA is often really rewarding and the student finds the experience extremely beneficial as they get to connect further with a professor, have a deeper understanding of material and develop the people skills that come with serving others.

There are many benefits of having an Undergraduate TA:

  • You can develop deeper connections with our students
  • You get a fresh set of eyes (from the student perspective) on your teaching material and receive feedback before you present to class
  • An undergraduate TA can test the weekly labs before the class completes them to fix any bugs or alert you of any confusion
  • The undergraduate TA learns the material in a whole new way, helping them gain a deeper understanding often leads to them pursuing more coursework in that subject area
  • Someone can help you answer questions when all those hands go up in the labs
  • Undergraduate TA’s can assist with light grading and organization projects

IST 300 Sample Contract

IST 300 IM&T Support Practicum Syllabus