Academic Policies

The academic calendar shows registration, academic, holiday and financial deadlines for undergraduate and graduate students.

Registrar’s Office Scheduling Information

iSchool Academic Integrity Policies

The following are members/officers of the academic integrity process at the iSchool (effective 1/1/2017)

  • Art Thomas, , Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, iSchool Academic Integrity Coordinator
  • Kathy Allen , Asst. Dean for Student Services, iSchool Academic Integrity Advisor

iSchool Academic Integrity Panel Members:

  • Peggy Takach, Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Megan Oakleaf, , Associate Professor and Director of Instructional Quality
  • Michael Fudge, , Assistant Professor of Practice
  • Amber Victoria Marian Evans, Graduate Student
  • Emily Rose Kellman, Undergraduate Student

Syracuse University Policies

Student-Athlete Absence

Here is the recommended class-absence process instructors can implement for student-athletes that are required to travel.