Event Recordings/Handouts

After each session that the Faculty Center holds throughout the year, you will be able to find any handouts or supplemental material here. Please access this page frequently, especially for sessions that you were unable to attend.

Spring 2017 (Sessions - Adobe Spark - Part of the Cool Tools Series; Reading Across the Curriculum; Diving Beneath the Surface; 5 Databases in 15 Minutes; Assessment Series 1: Backward Design, Rubrics First - featuring Megan Oakleaf; Assessment Series 2: Backward Design, Imagine Your Classroom)
IceBox Talk Featuring Steve Sawyer - Electronic whiteboard using iPad and AirSketch
Fall 2016 (Sessions - Flip a Lesson Plan; Cool Tools (Participoll, Symbaloo, Kahoot, AnswerGarden, Padlet); Teaching Professor Conference Workshop; Interactive Rubrics in Blackboard; Exemplary Course Design in Blackboard; Slide Decks; Questioning Techniques)
Summer 2016 (Sessions - Adjunct Get Together)
Spring 2016 (Sessions - Invigorating the Classroom; Unleashing Analytics in the Classroom)
Fall 2015 (Sessions - Group Learning Techiques by Bei Yu; How to Use Adobe Connect)
Summer 2015 (Sessions - All About Video)